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Ayala Liran

Ayala started gliding in 2001 almost by accident after a friend who was given a trial flight at Lasham as a present was too scared to have a go. Ayala hoped that flying in a glider will help her overcome her fear of flying… seems it did. After that first safe landing she joined Reading University Soaring Society based at Shalbourne gliding club and went solo in 2002 and Silver a year later.

Her real passion is cross country and in particular competition gliding and flew her first Regionals at Dunstable in 2004. Arboga will be her 2nd international competition. She has flown her first international competition in 2009 where she came 4th in the Women World championship, narrowly missing top spot on the last day after leading the competition throughout.

Ayala is extremely committed to gliding and flies almost every weekend throughout the year. She is an Instructor at Lasham gliding club and when the weather is bad she flies powered aircraft from Popham.

Ayala’s other sporting passion is football and she has played for Charlton and Southampton in the Women Premier League and earned 12 International caps playing for Israel.