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Andy Cockerell

Andy Cockerell (25) started gliding as a member of the Imperial College Gliding Club whilst studying Aeronautics. He went solo in 2006 and started flying competitions in 2007. Since then he has taken every opportunity to fly competitions, having flown 7 Senior Nationals and 4 Junior Nationals, coming 8th in the 2009 Club Class Nationals and 4th at the last 2 Juniors Nationals. He has also taken advantage of the British Team Junior Development Training weeks in Ontur and Cerdanya. 

He currently has around 500 hours and flies from Cotswold Gliding Club and Lasham Gliding Society, where he is vice-president of the Imperial College Gliding Club. Andy will be flying his LS4 in the club class in Musbach.

Away from gliding, Andy works as a stress analyst for Rolls-Royce in Derby and enjoys singing, playing the flute, squash and running marathons.