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2008 World Championships, Rieti, Italy

Rieti World Championships Close

The 2008 World Championships in Rieti have now come to an end. The Brits put in some good efforts in a tough environment, perhaps better suited to more specialist mountain pilots.

The Standard Class was won by German, Michael Buchtal and the Club Class by German, Matthias Sturm. Worthy winners they were too! In the Standards, the Brits were 10th, 11th and 17th, and in the Club class, 10th, 18th and 31st, with G in particular perhaps unlucky not to be challenging for a medal after 2 day wins and an unfortunate landout.

Good finish!

Well, it's all over. It was a different day, with some interesting challenges.  There were a few notable landouts, but the Brits all got round.

The standard class boys have ended on a high note, with a 4th, 5th and 6th. Jay is slightly upset that he doesn't get to move up much overall as two of the top 3 for the day were only just ahead of him.

Stds launching

and there off....

More grid squatting?

First launch is supposedly in 10 minutes at 1pm (local), but it's looking unlikely, with cloud base well below the local hills at the moment. The sun is out, here but there's clearly a lot of moisture in the atmostphere.

Grid Squat photos

A few photos from yesterday's grid squat. A bit of general stuff and a few of the front runners.


Well, I've just got out of the pool. I have a bit of time to spare as my crew has gone back to base, and left me with the car. Locked. With my keys inside. And my clothes/towel etc.

There'll be no turnips for him tonight.

Anyway, hopefully I won't get electrocuted whilst typing, or indeed die of hypothermia.


Scrubbed after launching 1/3 of the Standard class.

Tomorrow now also looks doubtful....

Have a good weekend.


Day 11 - Final Day

The GBR team go into the final day of the 30th World Gliding Championships with some opportunties to be placed in the medal positions.

Both the Standard and Club class pilots have performed well in challenging conditions but have been up against some great flying by the German and French teams.

With the weather conditions today looking better today there is a good chance that the team can move up the tables in both classes.

Day 11 - 1 more day to go

Weather better than expected....but not looking great.

They have a primary and secondary tasks. The fall back is an AAT of the yesterday and very likely to happen.

Pete Masson is 'disgusted' at the thought of another AAT.

Last nights BBQ was another huge success. More pictures/stories later.

Update - 11:17 CET

Std have a primary only - 3 hr AAT - 285km Min, 440.4km Max

Club - Primary is 291.2km but fall back (more likely) is 3hr AAT - 199.0km Min, 386.5km Max 


Better than expected!

Everyone is back now...

Well, at launch time it all looked pretty horrific, but off tow the first climb was 6 knots and we were soon at 7000'. A wodge (technical term) of cirrus came over and killed things for a while. We were tempted by an early start, but it soon became obvious that a much better slot would come along shortly. So we hung around for another 30-40 minutes and started as soon as things were looking up.

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