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Argentina 2012 Latest

All the latest from Adolfo Gonzales Chavez, Argentina.


All our guys have started now.

Ian is out front and is reporting good solid climbs back to the others.
He also said that the Cu stop halfway up the leg to the first sector but that it looks excellent after that.
They don't seem to be stopping for anything less than 4kts at the moment.
Rock and roll at last?

Last day

Last day.
Morning all, firstly sorry this is the first post, guess what? the internet has been down all morning.
The Standard class have an AAT 176k-343k (257k) in 2.45 hours
The clubbies are on an AAT 168k-373k (266k) in 3 hours.
There is a stationary front about 100k to the north, but here and (we hope) in the task area there are nice small Cu.
The grid has been launched and both start lines are open.
The PW5 class are on their very last task for the type in international competitions, comments?

Day 12 launched

Ok, all the gliders have launched, the clubbies are on task B AAT 2.30 158k-380k (265k)
The Standards are on an AAT 2.15 149k-336k (238k)
The conditions are mostly blue but there are a few Cu around in places.
Ian has just started and called his first climb at 4kts.

Day 12 Tasks

Tasks are set, 3 each for each class... Standard class task A is a 287k racing task.
The clubbies have a 265k racing task.
The B and C tasks are all AAT's
The forecast is for blue 2-4kt thermals to 4000' but with winds fairly light around 10kts at flying heights which hopefully will give them all a fighting chance to get round.
First launch is expected to be at 12.30 we are off to the grid any minute now.

Day 12

Slightly cool air this morning but the sun is shining and the gliders are gridded.
Briefing at 11.00.
Hoping for a good day.

A little snippet from Argentina

3 days ago in the larger town of Tres Arroyos 45k south of Chaves, Ken was surprised to find after a nice wander around and more cheese and ham for lunch poked under his windscreen wiper a ticket.
Now, you need to understand there are cars driving around here with no lights, i do mean no lights, just holes, no instrument panels, no bonnets and doors, the whole thing held together with welded on scaffolding poles, and thats a good one!
(one careful owner, 300 pesos to you guv..)

Day 11 update

Briefing done, tasks set but the forecast is rubbish, there is a cold front to our south moving north which in the UK would be great news as it passes through,
The trouble is here, 1,it'll take all day to go through and 2, the air behind the front is Antarctic maritime air and it's very moist.
The met man thinks if the sun does come out and it gets to 26 degrees we'll get thermals to 800m
I think we'll have curry for dinner, help cheer us all up! I'll cook.

Day 11

Raining, well drizzle really, a bit like May in the UK. Briefing at 12.00 grid before briefing.

Day 10 scrub.


Day 10

Day 10.
A grey humid start to the day.
The problem is that when the frontal cloud moves away later today they are predicting huge thunderstorms to develop.
I have just spoken to the Met man he is not hopeful that we will fly today.
The Cb's however will be in this area and should be exciting...
Let's hope the trees in the campsite can take the battering this time.